Monday, March 8, 2010

Make a bottle pinata from used wine bottle and paper mache

You can use an empty wine bottle to make a paper mache piñata and decorate it to look like a champagne bottle. This can be used at wedding shower parties with nice prizes inside.

1. Make the paste for paper mache by mixing 1 part flour to 2 parts water (adjust amounts until it is like a thick batter).
2. Cover the bottle in tin foil so that the paper mache cast will separate easily when it has dried.
3. Cut and dip squares or strips of newspaper into the paper mache mixture and apply them in layers, overlapping until a nice thick cast is made over the body of the bottle.
4. Remove the cast from the bottle when it has dried. Turn the bottle upside down and secure it so that you can paper mache just the bottom portion of the bottle. Remove it when it is dry.
5. Sandpaper the casts if you need to remove bumps or irregularities.
6. Now join the two pieces with about 3-4 inches of fabric, with paper mache over the connecting ends, to paste and create a trap-lid-strap at the bottom of the bottle cast. This will hold the bottom piece once it is broken from the bottle.
7. Paint the bottle cast.
8. (Optional) Use squares of colored paper (gift tissue paper works nicely) to cover the painted cast. Glue each square of paper to the cast, or cut strips of paper to fold over and create a looped-paper look. You can make a decoration from the pattern of colored papers that you use.
9. Fill the piñata with prizes through the trap-lid at the bottom, leaving a couple of inches empty.
10. Put one thin layer of paper mache over the edges of the bottom trap-lid to secure. Make sure it is a light layer so that it will break during the piñata game.

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