Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Use Tide to remove Fleas

Flea RemovalTide® Detergent Removes Fleas From Your Pet
When you find fleas on your pet and in your house, you can use your popular detergent to remove them.

Tide® detergent can be used to shampoo your pet, and to wash bedding and other infested materials.

Pet Shampoo with Tide® Detergent:

1) Use liquid Tide® Detergent the same way that you would use a shampoo.
2) Put your pet in a tub and, using warm water, make a thick lather from the top of their head all the way down to the end of their tail. Also lather their belly and legs.
3) Keep soap away from face and out of eyes.
4) Take your time. Massage down to their skin and make a thick lather.
5) Comb through the fur (preferably with a fine tooth comb) to remove or kill most of the fleas.
6) Rinse thoroughly and check the bath water.
7) If you find fleas that are still active in the water, start the process over once again.
8) Finish up with a very thorough rinse, and dry.
9) Wash bedding linens (theirs and yours), pet apparel, and rugs.

This removes the fleas.

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