Friday, February 5, 2010

Lavender flowers used for getting a better nights sleep

Restless or Sleepless, Fatigue and racing mind
Historically Lavender has been used for thousands of years for relaxing baths, aiding healing cuts and scrapes, and calming teas.

Recently, lavender was scientifically proven in a sleep study on insomniacs to cut the amount of time it took to fall asleep in half. It actually improved the quality of sleep, having other test patients, sleep more deeply in a short period of time, resulting in waking up more well rested, happier and productive.

This Sleep Sachet by Zen's Purple Garden contains organically grown lavender in a beautiful long smooth fabric sachet. It's comfortable, easy and you can smell the soothing scent of lavender all night long from any position on your pillow.

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