Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mustard Seed can be used to make 3D Picture

If you like to get a different kind of painting for you may try this. This would create a 3D painting. But the steps are relatively easier.

1) Take a cup of Mustard Seed.
2) Divide the Mustard Seed into three or four part.
3) Take different colors and mix it separately to each separate portion of Mustard Seed.
4) You may keep some mustard seed to its original color. Do not apply color to them.
5) Now take a piece of paper. Sketch a picture on it.
6) Apply glue on the picture.
7) Paste the colored Mustard Seeds on different areas of the picture.
8) Allow the picture to dry for some time.

Now your 3D Painting is ready. It will look artistic. This could also give your children a creative joy. You may also use other seeds or pulses along with it to give the painting a different look.

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