Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Use Carpet Samples to Create Laundry Basket

As an interior designer at a large corporate interiors firm, I have seen first hand the amount of carpet samples that come in and out of our office. Many times they will be picked up by the reps at the end of the project but in other cases we try to find ways to reuse or donate to local schools to help prevent waste.

One carpet tile company makes a 36" x36" carpet tile and had many large scale patterns that were visually interesting. The laundry holder that I created is comprised of three 36"x36" carpet tiles.

1) Two tiles were curved and bolted with grommets to create the main holder shape.

2) The third remaining tile was cut in half and inserted into the form in two directions. This created an enclosed bottom for the hamper. The middle grommet on the exterior also serves to hold the inside tile in place as the bottom of the hamper.

This piece is visually intriquing and serves to conceal unsightly laundry until it is laundry time!

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