Monday, December 28, 2009

Make a piñata from old newspaper

Making a piñata from old newspaper can be a fun way to reduce waste and liven up a party.

You will need: newspaper (torn into strips), flour, water, a balloon, string, paint, tape and candy.

Step 1) Inflate the balloon and hang it in the middle of the room using the string. Make sure what it is hanging from it sturdy and that the balloon is not in contact with anything in the room.

Step 2) Mix 1 or 2 cups of flour with water in a large mixing bowl. You should end up with an opaque white liquid. It should not be clear, nor should it be a paste. You can add more water or flour as needed and exact measurements aren't required.

Step 3) Spread one or two newspapers under the balloon to catch any four/water mixture or paint that drips off your creation.

Step 4) Dip the strips of newspaper in the flour/water mixture and place on the balloon. Start at the top around where the string is tied to the balloon. Your piñata will get heavier as you add layers, so you need to start at where the string connects to the ballon for reenforcement. Apply one layer around the entire balloon.

Step 5) Let the layer dry completely, then apply the next layer. If you don't wait, the newspaper could fall from the balloon in a big mass (worst case scenario) and it will take longer for the piñata to dry.

Step 6) Apply at least 3-4 layers. The more layers you apply, the stronger the piñata will be. If you want to give your kids a real challenge, you can apply 10+ layers, but you may need an adult yo break the piñata.

Step 7) You can make a face, add ears or otherwise modify the shape of the piñata by taking bits of paper and tape to create the desired appendages on the piñata.

Step 8) After the final later has dried, cut a hole on the piñata and add the candy or party favors. Tape the piece of the piñata you cut out back into place, put a couple strips of newspaper over the tape and let dry.

Step 9) Paint the piñata.

Step 10) Enjoy!

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