Thursday, December 31, 2009

Use Ginger Root to Cure Nausea

The characteristic odor and flavor of ginger root is caused by a mixture of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols, volatile oils that compose about one to three percent of the weight of fresh ginger.

Use Coffee Gounds to De-Ice

Coffee Grounds can replace salt as a De-Ice tool for snow covered sidewalks or driveways. Save your used coffee grounds in a large can. When it snows use the coffee grounds like you use salt to prevent slipping on the ice.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Use Old Newspapers to care for your Boots

Keep your boots in shape with cardboard tubes or rolled newspapers
You can keep your leather boots from sagging by taking two cardboard tubes or two rolled up newspapers and putting them in your boots while you are not wearing them

Use Styrofoam peanuts in Plant Pot

Foam peanuts, also known as packing peanuts, are a common loose-fill packing material which is also used to prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping. Wikipedia®

Monday, December 28, 2009

Make a piñata from old newspaper

Making a piñata from old newspaper can be a fun way to reduce waste and liven up a party.

You will need: newspaper (torn into strips), flour, water, a balloon, string, paint, tape and candy.

Step 1) Inflate the balloon and hang it in the middle of the room using the string. Make sure what it is hanging from it sturdy and that the balloon is not in contact with anything in the room.

Step 2) Mix 1 or 2 cups of flour with water in a large mixing bowl. You should end up with an opaque white liquid. It should not be clear, nor should it be a paste. You can add more water or flour as needed and exact measurements aren't required.

Step 3) Spread one or two newspapers under the balloon to catch any four/water mixture or paint that drips off your creation.

Step 4) Dip the strips of newspaper in the flour/water mixture and place on the balloon. Start at the top around where the string is tied to the balloon. Your piñata will get heavier as you add layers, so you need to start at where the string connects to the ballon for reenforcement. Apply one layer around the entire balloon.

Step 5) Let the layer dry completely, then apply the next layer. If you don't wait, the newspaper could fall from the balloon in a big mass (worst case scenario) and it will take longer for the piñata to dry.

Step 6) Apply at least 3-4 layers. The more layers you apply, the stronger the piñata will be. If you want to give your kids a real challenge, you can apply 10+ layers, but you may need an adult yo break the piñata.

Step 7) You can make a face, add ears or otherwise modify the shape of the piñata by taking bits of paper and tape to create the desired appendages on the piñata.

Step 8) After the final later has dried, cut a hole on the piñata and add the candy or party favors. Tape the piece of the piñata you cut out back into place, put a couple strips of newspaper over the tape and let dry.

Step 9) Paint the piñata.

Step 10) Enjoy!

Use Coffee Filter as Wine Cork Filter

Coffee filters of paper are made from about 100 g/cm2 crêped paper. The crêping allows the coffee to flow freely between the filter and the filtration funnel. Wikipedia®

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Use Plastic air pillow bags as scrap bags

Air filled plastic bag used primarily as cushioning material in shipping boxes.

Insulate your Garage Door with old Boxes

If you do not have an insulated garage door you can insulate it with cardboard, which is especially useful during the winter, especially if your garage is connected to your house.

1) Find larger cardboard boxes and cut them to size to fit in the spaces in your garage door.

2) Use some adhesive spray to stick the cardboard to the inside of the garage door.

3) Suggestion: You can use two or three layers of cardboard for more insulation, but any more than 3 layers may add too much weight to your garage door and it could put extra stress on the motor if you have an automatic garage door opener.

4) Suggestion: If you wish you can even put a coat of paint on the cardboard to make it look a little nicer. Use expandable foam to cover any areas you can not cover with cardboard.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Use Furniture Polish to Shine Shoes

To Clean and Shine Shoes use Pledge Furniture spray. Simply apply furniture spray to shoes and use a dry cloth to clean and buff.

Use Ice to Fluff up Carpet

Ice is a solid phase, usually crystalline, of a non-metallic substance that is liquid or gas at room temperature. The word "ice" normally means water ice. Wikipedia®

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Use Plastic Bag to keep feet warm

Wear plastic grocery bags between layers of socks before going out in snow
1) If you're going into the cold snow, put on multiple pairs of socks.

2) Place a plastic grocery bag between each sock layer.

This can prevent (or at least postpone) the innermost sock layer from getting cold and wet.

Use Bubble Wrap to Insulate a Room

Bubble Wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres ("bubbles") provide cushioning for precious or breakable items. Wikipedia®

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Use Magazine Paper to Create Storage Bin

Magazines are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by pre-paid magazine subscriptions, or all three. Wikipedia®

Use Wrapping Paper Rolls as Storage Container

Storage Container
I have used the small, hard, empty wrapping paper rolls to create a spice rack in my kitchen drawer.

1)Cut roll to fit snugly in drawer horizontally.

2)The spices then can be leaned up against the roll so that when the drawer is opened you see all of the spice bottles lined

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrapping Paper

Newspaper as wrapping paper
When possible, reuse materials. One great example: Newspaper as wrapping paper.

Use Newspaper to Clean Windows

A newspaper is a publication containing news, information, and advertising. General-interest newspapers often feature articles on political events, crime, business, art/entertainment, society and sports. Wikipedia®

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Use Nail File to Open Items

A nail file is a tool used to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails. They are often used in manicures and pedicures after the nail has been trimmed using appropriate nail clippers. Wikipedia®

Use Eraser to Remove Adhesive

Use Eraser on hard surfaces to remove adhesive or glue.
Along with getting a pencil mark off of vinyl and similar surfaces, an eraser also removes glue and adhesives. Simply use until the mark, glue, or adhesive is removed.

I know the white MARS plastic erasers works well.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Use rubber band for hard-to-open lid on jar

Wrap a rubber band around the jar just below a difficult lid that won't open. Grip the rubber band for better traction, making it easier to open the lid.

Use Zip lock Bag to make an Ice Pack

Ziploc is a brand of reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and containers originally developed by Dow Chemical Company, and now produced by S. C. Johnson & Son. Wikipedia®

Friday, December 18, 2009

Use Alka Seltzer to easily clean ewelry

1) Drop two tablets of Alka Seltzer in a bowl of water and immerse jewelry in the solution.

2) Let jewelry sit for 2-3 minutes, rinse off, and dry.

Use Potato Chip Bag to make Card Holder

Potato chips (American English: chips, Irish English and British English: crisps) are thin slices of potato that are deep fried or baked until crispy. The bag is the packaging unit in which the chips are marketed and sold. Wikipedia®

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Use Cayenne Pepper to keep warm

The Cayenne, or Guinea pepper, or Bird pepper is a hot, red chili pepper used to flavor dishes and for medicinal purposes. Cayenne powder is a granulated version of the pepper. Wikipedia®

Use aluminum foil to boost radiator heat

Increase radiator energy efficiency
1) Use heavy-duty aluminum foil and tape it to cardboard with foil's shiny side facing out.

2) Place the foil-cardboard behind cast-iron radiator.

Instead of becoming absorbed by the wall behind the radiator, the heat will reflect off the foil and move back into the room. of becoming absorbed by the wall behind the radiator, the heat will reflect off the foil and move back into the room.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Use Honey as a Cough Suppressant

Honey is a sweet fluid produced by honey bees (and some other species) and derived from the nectar of flowers. Wikipedia®

Hot Salt Water with White Vinegar for a Sore Throat

Do more than relieve your sore throat.
1) Take 1/2 cup hot water (between 140 and 160 degrees - you should be able to hold your hand on the bottom of the cup for at least 10 seconds).

2) Add 2 tsp salt and 1 tbsp white vinegar

3) Gargle at the onset of a sore throat every couple of hours until the symptoms are gone.

The first time you do this is the most difficult but once you get used to it, it is the quickest way to stop sore throat pain.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Use Sox to Create Arm Warmer

Old socks make great rags for cleaning as they fit nicely on hands. Old socks, especially the stylish kind, can also make great arm warmers if two small holes (one for your thumb, the other for the rest of your four fingers) are cut at the "toe area". Or you could make just one big hole at the "toe area" so that the arm warmers start at the wrist, and not the hand. If you notice that the heel area bunches up or puffs out and cramps your style, then you can make that the thumb hole if your socks are long enough.

Remove Static with Fabric Softener Sheets

Sheets used to control static cling in your dryer. Also adds a fresh sent to your laundry. See also Dryer Sheets

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shine Shoes with a Banana

Shoe Shine
Use a banana peel (inside side) to shine your leather shoes. Buff shoe with banana peel and then use a clean cloth to polish.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Use Bleach to Remove Stains from Glassware

A bleach is a chemical that removes colors or whitens, often via oxidation. Many bleaches have strong bactericidal properties, and are used for disinfecting and sterilizing. Most bleaches are hazardous if ingested or inhaled, use with care.Wikipedia®

Use Vicks to Humidify Your Sleep

Vicks VapoRub can be used in special types of humidifiers and vaporizers. Ensure your humidifier has an aromatherapy compartment before using. The humidifier will circulate Vicks throughout the air and keep you breathing easy all night long.

Twelve Surprising Uses for Vicks Vapo Rub
By: Shyla Batliwalla
Divine Caroline
Read More:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Use a Sports Jersey to Make a Tote Bag

A sports jersey is a shirt worn by a member of a team, usually oversized, typically depicting the athlete's name and team number as well as the team's logotype or corporate sponsor. Wikipedia®

Use velcro to easily remove pills from a soft sweater.

Remove Pilling From Sweaters
Use the rough side of a piece of velcro to gently pull of pills from a sweater, clothing and fabric.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Use tea to reduce oil buildup in hair.

Oily Hair
After Shampooing, rinse hair with a weakly steeped black tea. Tea contains an astringent-like acid called tannic acid which can cut the oil.

Use Dill Pickle Juice to Cure an Upset Stomach

A pickled cucumber, most often simply called a pickle in the United States and Canada, is a cucumber that has been pickled in a brine, vinegar, or other solutions and left to ferment for a period of time. Wikipedia®

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make a Headband from old Fabric

A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. Wikipedia®

Junk Mail as filler for shipping fragile items

Packing Materials
Use your shreader on junk catalogs and other junk mail items.
Then use the shredded material as a filler or packaging material in the box you are shipping.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Use Jojoba oil as a Facial Cleanser

Jojoba oil (pronounced "ho-HO-bah") is the liquid wax produced in the seed of the jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) plant, a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico. Wikipedia®

Use Olive Oil to Relieve Arthritis

Take a tablespoon however you can before you go to sleep. Olive Oil will go to your tissues and oil your joints.

I find the taste horrible. They don't come in pills. I made my own.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baking Soda as Bath Tub Cleaner

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. Wikipedia®

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Use Adhesive Tape to Remove Splinters

Adhesive tape can be one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Wikipedia®

Remove splinters with adhesive tape

Splinter Removal
Place a piece of adhesive tape over a splinter and pull the tape off. If the splinter is not too deep below the surface, it should come out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Use Carpet Samples to Create Laundry Basket

As an interior designer at a large corporate interiors firm, I have seen first hand the amount of carpet samples that come in and out of our office. Many times they will be picked up by the reps at the end of the project but in other cases we try to find ways to reuse or donate to local schools to help prevent waste.

One carpet tile company makes a 36" x36" carpet tile and had many large scale patterns that were visually interesting. The laundry holder that I created is comprised of three 36"x36" carpet tiles.

1) Two tiles were curved and bolted with grommets to create the main holder shape.

2) The third remaining tile was cut in half and inserted into the form in two directions. This created an enclosed bottom for the hamper. The middle grommet on the exterior also serves to hold the inside tile in place as the bottom of the hamper.

This piece is visually intriquing and serves to conceal unsightly laundry until it is laundry time!

Use a Mason Jar to Keep a Room Warm

A Mason jar is a glass jar used in canning to preserve food. They were invented by John L. Mason in the early 1850s. Wikipedia®