Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Use Potato Chip Bag and Duct Tape to Create Place Mats

-Four 9 oz chip bags (please wash out the bags)
-Once pair of scissors
-One X-Acto knife
-Straight edge
-One roll of 1.88`x 20 yds Duck Brand™ Chrome duct tape
-One roll of 1.88`x 20yds any color Duck Brand™ duct tape
-One roll of 1.88`x54yds clear packing tape (Duck Brand™ Crystal Clear or any kind)

1) Cut the bottom of the chip bags off and cut along the sides of the bags leaving the front and the back of the chip bags.

In this demo, I will be recycling the backs of the bags (the ingredients portion) and using them for another project.

2) Use the roll of packing tape and cover the front of the bags and recycle the back portion of the bag or use them for another project at a later time.

3) Using the X-Acto and the straight edge, trim all uneven edges so that you have straight edges all around. This also includes the wavy part of the chip bag located on the top and bottom.

4) Using the Chrome Duck Brand™ duct tape and your pair of scissors, cut one 14` piece of duct tape and one 10` piece of duct.

5) Using the A-Xcto knife and the straight edge, cut both pieces of chrome duct tape down the center creating four strips (two strips of 14` and two strips of 10` pieces of duct tape).

6) Creating the boarder: Place the 14` pieces of duct tape one on each side (along the length of the bag) and the other two 10` pieces of duct tape on the tops and bottoms
(the width ) of the bag.

7) Using the color duct tape of your choice, leave ¼ of a inch of Chrome duct tape showing and begin to cover the back of the chip bag. Starting with the length side first.

8) Use scissors to cut off rough edges.

9) Cut a 10` piece of duct tape, cut in half (like in step five) and cover the top and bottom of the bag also leaving ¼ of an inch of Chrome duct tape and fold over. Repeat Step 8 as necessary.

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