Saturday, September 26, 2009

Create Grass Head Pet from Plastic Beverage Container

1) Cut the top off of a plastic two liter beverage container that cannot be returned for a deposit.

2) Measure a piece of old card stock headed for a recycle bin (file folders work well) to make a cylinder around the plastic container. Have child design a body on the card while opened flat.

3) Take an old sock or pantyhose stocking, fill it with a cup of potting soil, add some grass seeds and position them at the top. Tie the sock or stocking and cut off the excess.

4) Have your child draw a face on the sock head with crayons or coloring utensils that show up on the sock head.

5) Fill the plastic container with water and place the sock head on top so it soaks up water.

6) Put a platstic newspaper sleeve over the grass head pet and put it on a windowsill.

7) When the grass (hair) starts to sprout, take off the newspaper sleeve and keep it moist until a full head of hair grows in.

Have fun!


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